The hotel has been provided with the best security systems, envisaged by non-European normative, using exclusively fireproof material and a fire sprinkler system.  All areas are kept under video surveillance and can be monitored from the reception.

All rooms are equipped with the latest audio and video technologies: automatic regulation of air conditioning, dimmable illumination, soundproofed ceilings, walls and movable walls. Possibility to choose between carpet and wood flooring. Total accessibility for people with disabilities and easy access for any kind of setting.

The ground floor and the underground parking with over 600 parking lots, give access to the foyer, the best place for guest reception and check-in, as well as an ideal exhibition space, perfect for welcome drinks, coffee breaks, cocktails and parties.

Our Event Specialists will make sure that everything is perfect.

Meeting Organization Staff - BHR Treviso Hotel

Consuelo Simeoni – Erika Brugnera – Silvia Rossetto

Competence, precision, helpfulness and a lot of experience are thair main strengths. Silvia, Erika and Elisa know every aspect of our facility and they can suggest the best solution to every kind of guest. They are irreplaceable!

Best available rateFree Wi-FiFree access to the wellness area