Naturalistic itineraries

Between springs and rivers, a unique environment

The love for the homeland and the respect towards the environment felt by the people from Treviso enabled the preservation of natural environments of incomparable beauty. Marca Trevigiana is located in an area full of swamps, springs and crystal-clear water flows in which flora and fauna flourish undisturbed.

There are a lot of interesting touristic itineraries dedicated to nature, and they are suitable for everyone: naturalists, children, sportsmen or simply those who want to be surrounded by the peace and tranquility of the enchanting locations in where Nature reigns.

The Oasis of Cervara

Among fosses, marshes and river banks, a piece of Treviso’s history

Dominated by the greenery of the moist area of the Sile’s watercourses, the Oasis of Cervara represents an ensemble of historic and natural aspects that are difficult to be found in similar areas. In springtime, the area is characterized by the abundant vegetation that fills fosses and water banks. It is possible to admire the yellow marsh marigold or the water iris whilst buttercups fill the riverbed with their white corollas.

During the same period of the year, the various watercourses are full of life thanks to young animals. It is possible to see families of mallards, little grebes, little egrets and black-crowned night herons. Moreover, the old factory inside the oasis is worth a visit, because nowadays it still moves its old wheels and millstones.

The restera of Treviso

Destination for wonderful walks or bike rides along the Sile

In the past, if pontoons and the typical Venetian boats used to dominate the Sile, oxes and farmers where the rulers of the “restera”. Oxes pulled the pontoons with metal ropes called “resta”, which this explains the name “restera”.

The ancient roads are five and they run along the Sile from Pontegrandi, near the mouth of the river, to Treviso. They are unique and chosen by joggers, visited by couples in love, completely surrounded by nature and they offer unforgettable views from different parts of the Sile. A place for walks or bike rides, which from from Treviso leads to the sea and is able to relax comfort people. The “restera”, with their enchantment, are still a privileged place for those who love nature and the marvels that it offers.