Bubbles all around

In the heart of Marca, a journey through varietals of inestimable value

The Veneto region and Marca Trevigiana are renowned worldwide for the production of white and black wines. In particular, the territory of Treviso’s province is where the Prosecco from Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, Cartizze, Merlot, Raboso from Piave, Cabernet and the beer from Padavena are produced.

Lately the Prosecco Hills have been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List.


A pearl of history in the heart of the hills of Prosecco

Along the Prosecco route, Valdobbiadene is closely related to food and wine production. Following the destructions caused by the Great War, the little town still preserves some marvelous buildings and old churches. These include the parish, built during the 14th Century, which preserves the works by Palma il Giovane and Paris Bordon.


The home of Prosecco, in the green and mild hills

Among the green and mild hills, dedicated to the production of Prosecco, the medieval centre of Conegliano mainly develops along Via XX Settembre, overlooked by several buildings with beautifully decorated facades. A visit to the Cathedral is definitely worthwhile, in which it is possible to admire frescos by Pezzesserato and a painting by Palma il Giovane. The town centre is dominated by the castle, perched on the hill. Of the ancient buildings, the Tower Bell resisted over the years, and today it is the premise of the Museum with paintings by Palma il Giovane and Pordenone. In June, in the square in front of the tower, the folkloristic Dama Castellana takes place. During this event, a draught match is played and the pawns are women dressed with historic garments).