The taste route

From the past, the history of old villages, famous worldwide for their agricultural products

Marca Trevigiana is famous worldwide for its economy and beautiful landscape, but also for its countless agricultural products. Especially the Asparagus from Cimadolmo and Treviso’s Radicchio, which are cultivated in areas of the province, which are full of history and charm, definitely worth discovering.

The White Asparagus from Cimadolmo

The spring and the hard work of expert hands, in the traditional Venetian cuisine

The great river Piave, after passing the slopes of Montello and Pedemontana Trevigiana, opens widely to the plain. Along its banks, on the sand that was all around throughout the millenniums, asparagus cultivations started spreading, especially the white one. It’s a spring delicacy, and a lot of farmers cultivate it in the areas of Ormelle, San Polo, Maserada, but especially in Cimadolmo, where feasts and banquets have proliferated.

The White Asparagus from Cimadolmo has known an enviable notoriety throughout Italy thanks to its nutritional properties and its special flavour. There are various recipes like “asparagus with eggs”, the “risotto”, the soups; all accompanied by a nice glass of Raboso del Piave wine.

The radicchio of Treviso

A delicacy of the Sile park

The radicchio, that we are currently familiar with thanks to its special shapes and colours, all belong to the same species: the Cichorium Intybus Silvestre. Therefore, the one we know as radicchio of Treviso, is a common type of chicory, that expert hands transformed in a Treviso delicacy.

The cultivation area of the “Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Tardivo IGP” is the one lapped by the Sile, whose spring waters whiten the tufts of the plant in winter. A great part of the territory of production is situated in the Sile Park area, a natural oasis of rare and special beauty, that laps several villages, such as Quinto di Treviso, Dosson, Badoere, Silea and many more.